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What is VPS Hosting?

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With the ever-changing aspect associated with technology, it may be difficult or even confusing to keep up with the times.  One of the newest forms of web hosting is performed through virtual private servers, or VPS.  Just what is a VPS hosting you ask?  Read on to find out.

Think of VPS hosting like an apartment building.  There is one large building separated into several smaller spaces.  Each space is independent of the others; however, they do share certain things such as plumbing and electrical wiring.  A virtual private server is housed within a larger server.  It runs independently of the larger server but does share disc space and memory capacity.  Owning and operating a virtual private server offers the user the independence and flexibility not found with a shared server.

A shared server is exactly that – shared.  Many different websites share the same server, including the memory, processing unit, and disk space.  As such, a user can only use what is available at the time.  As such, shared servers may be extremely slow.  Additionally, users of a shared server do not have any control with regard to their website.  A dedicated server consists of one server per website.  One server provides all of the resources to the website, including memory, disk space, and technological support.  The user has complete control of the server.  A VPS server offers the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost.  Each server has the freedom one would expect with a dedicated server but can only use the space and resources allotted.

There are two forms of VPS hosting, Windows and Linux.  Do your research and decide which is best for you.  You can also choose between a virtual or private server.  Make sure that you gather a little background information regarding the company or companies that you are considering prior to making a commitment.  There are many options to consider with regard to VPS hosting, so make sure that the company that you chose provides everything that you need.

VPS hosting is great for those who have outgrown a shared server but are not quite ready for a dedicated server.  This is not to say that VPS hosting is a stepping stone to a dedicated server.  Many users arrive at a virtual private server and never leave.  A VPS offers the user the freedom to publish content on a website without having to work through a third-party.  As such, for those who do not wish to shell out the money for a dedicated server, VPS hosting is the way to go.

With the fast pace of technology, it is important to stay on top of the latest and greatest advances, especially with regard to the Internet.  This is especially true if you host a website or are considering hosting a website.  Spending a little bit of time doing some research will help you pick the hosting server that is just right for you and your needs.  Whether or not you choose to use a virtual private server or go with something else, make sure that you understand what services are offered and what you are getting for your money.

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