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VPS Hosting Tips for Starting Your Website

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When you are looking for a hosting service it is difficult to know which type of service is better than others, and which services will suit your particular website. Most webmasters are concerned with the amount of disk space, the speed of bandwidth, and security and reliability of their server. When looking into VPS hosting it is no different, however VPS hosting can offer some advantages over other hosting types.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting will provide users with full root access, allowing for a completely secure private server. This is almost like having a dedicated hosting server; however VPS is a much cheaper alternative.

The main reason for choosing VPS is independence. VPS hosting consists of having a server that can be easily rebooted and tailored to your individual needs. It is also safe and secure. With VPS hosting you are given a separate part of a server network solely for your website.  Having complete responsibility over your server can have its benefits, but it can also be problematic. Looking after your own server independently can be a lot of responsibility; users should research and be prepared to handle the task before committing.

Domain Name

Once you have chosen your VPS system, it is a good idea to look at how to create the best website. Choosing the right domain name for your site is essential for getting the right people to your website. Don’t change the domain name, as it could mess up your address and location on search engines. Of course this is not always true as it depends on which method you use and how much knowledge you have. You can opt to have a managed or unmanaged system if you are not completely confident in your skills as a webmaster and server manager.

Disk Space

Disk space is essential. The amount of disk space you have will allow you to have more traffic to your site, data on the site itself, and ability to install more complex programs and databases onto your site to make it look more professional.

Burstable Ram

Your VPS system will come with a set amount of RAM. However if you exceed the limit, you are given a burstable RAM. This is RAM above that which you are offered, but is made available to you if and when you require it. It is sort of like a security net; having more RAM in a busy situation will allow your server to continue operating normally and not slow, overload, or crash. This makes VPS a very reliable option for sites that experience a large amount of traffic or sudden, unexpected amount of traffic.


Bandwidth allocation will vary greatly depending on which company you choose to provide you with your VPS service. Generally speaking, the VPS option will allow for greater bandwidth as you are on your own separate virtual server. This will also allow you to be solely in use of your bandwidth quota, meaning that you will know the reasons for any problems that could occur.

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