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Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

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So you have are thinking about using a virtual private server to host your website.  Have you done your research?  If not, here are some advantages and disadvantages associated with VPS hosting.

The major advantage to using VPS hosting is that you have more control over the content that is published on your website than you have with a shared server.  Additionally, you are not forced to share your web space with anyone else.  This is an important detail that should not be overlooked.  When one uses a shared server, one has to share disk space as well as memory space with several other websites.

One disadvantage with VPS hosting is that you do not have complete control over what is published on your website.  If you want complete control, then you should choose to use a dedicated server.  However, dedicated servers are very expensive.  As such, a virtual private server is a happy economic medium between a shared server and a dedicated server.

Another advantage of VPS hosting is that you have your own memory space as well as your own disk space.  Because this is the case, you may find that you actually have a larger memory or disk space as compared to a shared server.  However, you do not have unlimited memory or disk space as is associated with a dedicated server.

One huge disadvantage associated with VPS hosting is that, with some companies, there is an absence of technical support.  As such, you must be knowledgeable with regard to technical issues that may arise with regard to your website.  If you are not one who is able to troubleshoot technical issues and fix them yourself, then you might want to stick with a shared or dedicated server where technical support is usually guaranteed.

Another big advantage associated with VPS hosting is that you are able to host as many websites as your heart desires.  Usually, VPS hosting sites do not place a limit on the number of websites one can publish.  Since there is no limit to the number of websites that you can host, there is no limit to what you can publish, within reason.  However, do not bog yourself down with an exorbitant number of websites.  Keep your websites to those that you can keep up without disappointing your public.

One final disadvantage to VPS hosting involves the server.  Often, if the VPS server goes down, all of the websites on that server go down with it.  This may result is lost work hours.  If the server crashes often enough, this also may result is a discouraged public.  This is not an issue that is usually associated with dedicated servers.

Now that you have read through the advantages and disadvantages regarding VPS hosting, you may feel better about your decision.  Make sure that you continue to research your choice as well as the company you choose.  By staying on top of the ever changing information, you will make sure to make the best decision every time.

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