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10 Reasons To Use VPS Hosting

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Using a VPS hosting server can have many advantages. VPS or Virtual Private Server is a server that has the privacy of a separate computer and is almost like a dedicated hosting server. As its name implies, it is private and not on a shared hosting server. This has many advantages. VPS hosting is effectively a large hosting server that is split into many smaller hosting servers on the same hardware. This division allows users to have better security and access to effectively manage a private server.

Save Money

If you have more than one website, you can put them all on the same VPS server and save money. This is a brilliant idea for anyone who wants to manage their online data effectively on a private server without all the added cost of a dedicated hosting server. Shared hosting is the cheapest form of web hosting, but it will not provide the same access to an individual server.

Privacy and Security

VPS is a private server that users will maintain alone. The security of the system relies on what the user does to manage the server effectively. Hosting companies will recommend security tips. VPS servers are far more secure than some other hosting options, as there is only one user on the server.

Managed and Unmanaged

If you are concerned about the maintenance and security of your data on the server, you can opt for either a managed or an unmanaged account. This means that you can pay extra for the hosting service to provide management to your account. It is a good idea to research all available data on managing your own server before you launch into it, as there may be other options available to you.

Bandwidth Allocation and Emergency Burst Bandwidth

When you first look into getting a VPS package, you will be provided with an amount of bandwidth. Along with the bandwidth quota, you will be given what is called “burst bandwidth.” This enables your server to exceed its allocated bandwidth and effectively “burst” over the limit. This is a fantastic security measure and will prevent any loss of time or annoyance with an overloaded server.

VPS are more expensive than other shared hosting services, but are well worth the money. As with most things, the more it cost the more you may get. VPS is a lot cheaper than dedicated hosting and effectively can close the gap between shared and dedicated hosting.

Cloud Server

VPS is sometimes referred to as a cloud server. This is not because it sits on many different networks causing a virtual cloud. This is because it can be changed at run time. This makes it dynamic as hardware and software can be easily added to it at run time. The whole server can also be moved to hardware while it is running, which is quite incredible.

A possible reason for upgrading to dedicated hosting would be RAM disk space and processing time. VPS has limited RAM, disk space, and processing time. This is because the system is on one computer/access point and is divided amoung many private servers.

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