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How Does VPS Hosting Work?

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VPS hosting is for those who have outgrown a shared server but are not quite ready to make the jump to a dedicated server.  You may be familiar with shared and dedicated servers, but do you know how VPS hosting works?  If you are not quite sure, read the information below to find out.

Before you can really understand how VPS hosting works, you must first understand how shared and dedicated servers operate.  Shared servers contain one server that hosts several different websites.  These websites share memory space as well as disk space.  Shared servers are relatively inexpensive, and, as such, are very popular among newcomers or small business owners.

Dedicated servers offer the user control over the website.  Dedicated servers offer users their own space on a single server.  As such, the user has his or her individual memory space as well as disk space.  However, unlike shared servers, technical support is done through the user.  Additionally, dedicated servers are very expensive and are not suited for newcomers.  Dedicated servers are most often preferred by larger businesses or those who have high-traffic websites.

Virtual private servers, or VPS, are best suited for those who have some experience working with a host server.  While they are not as inexpensive as a shared server, they are not exorbitantly priced.  Virtual private servers do require that the user have some knowledge of the way a host server works.

Virtual private servers offer users a private portion of a server.  As such, much like with a dedicated server, the user does not have to share memory or disk space with another user.  However, unlike a dedicated server, technical support is provided through the host server.  Therefore, one does not necessarily need to be technically savvy in order to use a VPS.

VPS hosting is usually completed through one central processing unit that is sectioned off between users.  As such, each website is its own space.  This offers users more flexibility with regard to downloads.  Additionally, users of a virtual private server have more options with regard to the types of software he or she chooses to use.

In summary, virtual private servers host websites through a central processing unit that is sectioned off into individual host spaces.  Users are afforded their own memory space as well as their own disk space.  As such, there is very little sharing going on with VPS hosting.  VPS hosting also allows users greater flexibility with regard to downloads and software choices.  Finally, while VPS hosting is more expensive than a shared server, it is the less expensive option when compared to a dedicated server.

Finally, for those whose needs have progressed beyond those that of a shared server but do not yet require the services of a dedicated server, a virtual private server is the perfect choice.  It is important to make sure that you select the company that most meets your needs.  Therefore, shop around, take notes, ask questions, and make sure you are satisfied with your choice

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